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Hammonton, NJ (March 23, 2017). On Thursday April 6th, the Historical Society of Hammonton will be welcoming Lorrie and Frank Chappine, owners of the 1891 Queen Anne Victorian home located at 442 Bellevue Avenue. They will be sharing  the history of this historic home, showing artfacts and displaying photos from  the  time of the  original ownner, Laommi Montfort . The home was later sold to Lillian Jackson thus the “Jackson House” and later owned by her daughter  and  long time Hammonton High School teacher, Harold Yehl.

The property was in the “tear down” state ,having been uninhabited for 15 years, when  purchased. Uncovering the history of the original owners , discovering  artifacts of yesteday  brought history alive and in the words of Frank, “touched his heart.” Completeing the restoration took three years of  their labor of love and in 2015 it was ready for their occupancy. Within their home are original  chestnut doors, sections of hardwood floors and   Victorian glass . Furnishings such as  a Victrola phonograph, pump organ and 1882 JE Caldwell clock were purchased to authenticate the early time period.

It was a triumphant accomplishment, a  treasure for Hammonton and a wonderful story. You are invited to  hear it.

Enjoy the evening with friends, HSH members and  Frank and Lorrie. Refreshments will be served prior to the program.